India flag The Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) foundation has associated itself with Emami Foundation to start a Centre on Preventive and Non-invasive Cardiac Care in the city and the Vishwa Jagriti Mission Trust would support the Foundation in this project.

Addressing a press conference, cardiologist Dr Pratiksha Reeg Deb said, “Young India is falling prey to heart-related ailments and is on the verge of an epidemic, which will be much greater that the tsunami,” and added, “We need to awaken the Indian citizens to that they can start the prevention programme before it is too late.”

“Heart disease is a disease of ignorance. Prevention is the only vaccination to heart attack,” is the only piece of advice Dr Deb has to offer to the heart patients.

According to her, due to faulty lifestyle like improper eating habits and patterns, lack of exercise, addictions like alcohol, tobacco, smoking, the risks of problems like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart ailments are looking up in today’s young generation.

Dr Deb said,”By 2010,India will have the maximum number of cardiac cases in the world and by 2015, 60 per cent of the cardiac deaths in the world.” “About six crore Indian adults are suffering from Coronary Artery Diseases while another 18 crore more face the same risk,” she informed.

Responding to a question, Dr Deb stated that this Preventive and Non-surgical Cardiac Clinic would first examine the financial status of a patient and then decide to offer free treatment to them.