G&G logo G & G Holistic Addictions Treatment, Inc. announced that its treatment programme for ‘dually diagnosed’ individuals enjoyed an overall success rate of 84%, in 2007. This has been announced in a press release issued.

‘Dually Diagnosed’ is the term used for individuals who are suffering from both, the substance abuse disorders and co-existing mental health disorders. G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program claims to have created successful ‘innovative’ methods to help the dually diagnosed individuals with ‘exceptional’ results; unlike other ‘intense and confrontational’ treatment programmes.

“We treat the individual as a whole: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” says co-owner, John Giordano. This has been cited as the reason behind the 84% success rate which has been described as an ‘extraordinary high rate’ for a holistic drug programme. This rate is evaluated by calculating the number of clients who have actually gained from the treatment and have met the treatment’s goals, out of the total number of clients who have completed the programme.

The rehab programme also claims to use a ‘tailored drug rehab program for each client’. The specific needs of the individual are taken care of by the various ‘cutting-edge traditional and alternative treatments’. The holistic programme interferes with the disease and stops it from taking over the individual completely. This leads to a recovery process and a support structure that progress with the client’s life.

Also, the staff to client ratio has been described as high enough to support the personalised programming. The staff is a highly-trained multidisciplinary staff, specialized in creating a healing and restorative environment that helps the individuals regain their ‘sense of self as well as sobriety’.