CECT Logo A number of consumer electronics are being developed to better one’s health and to keep track of vital signs. Now, Qiao Xing Universal Telephone has announced the launch of the new C7000A cardiograph mobile phone, which in the most literal sense, will care for your heart.

The C7000A Cardiograph handset offers users the chance to perform a basic cardiograph, which can then be sent to doctors via MMS via a GPRS network.

On receiving this, doctors can them provide medical advice by sending a text message back to the phone. It goes without saying that if there is a serious problem, then the doctor can call the patient directly.

Besides having an inbuilt cardiograph, another feature unique to the C7000A mobile handset seems to be the ultra-long standby time. The phone is able to run for over 120 days in standby mode without a recharge. The C7000A handset also sports a large 3-inch LCD screen. The phone also offers enough memory to store around 500 names in the phone book.

According to Mr. Wu Zhi Yang, Vice Chairman of XING, “We dedicate a large amount of resources to our efforts to develop highly differentiated handsets. The C7000A is a result of these efforts. It represents a breakthrough in the use of mobile handset technology. No longer are handsets only tools for entertainment and communication.”

“We have been able to incorporate a piece of advanced medical technology that could possibly save lives. It is this kind of differentiating handset feature that we continually strive to offer to our customers in China,” he added.

As of now, CECT has supplied around 200 trial units of the C7000 mobile phone to The People’s Insurance Company of China, which has planed to provide these devices as a gift to its VIP customers.