Medtronic Virtuoso ICD Doctors in Delhi, the capital of India have successfully implanted a device on a heart patient that is able to keep a tab on cardiac problems, send and SMS and even an email to the patient’s doctor!

The device called Medtronic Virtuoso ICD is the size of a striker used to play the game carom. It has been manufactured by UK-based Medtronic CareLink Network.

It has been implanted in a 55-year old lady from Kolkatta.

Viveka Kumar, a cardiologist and electro physiologist at Max Devki Devi Hospital in Delhi said, “After the implant, the device can send an alert SMS and email to doctors every time the patient faces any problem in the heart. If the patient wants then a patient alert system can be given to him or her that has the facility to flash alert visuals to the patient.”

The patient alert system is an external device that allows heart patients to automatically receive visual notification on a special home monitor called the ‘patient look indicator’ when their device detects an alert.

The device also helps the patient contact the doctor without the need to actually make a visit to a hospital frequently.

“The patient or the family can act ahead of time and help avert a health crisis,” explained Kumar.

It is known that so far in South Asia only two patients have been implanted with the device and Kumar was behind both these cases.

The cost of the Medtronic Virtuoso ICD is around Rs.4,50,000 and the hospital charges for a patient who uses the services will be around Rs.80,000.