Aetna logo Connecticut-based Aetna, a health company has announced the launch of a web site called SmartSource. From the sound of it, one can imagine it to be a search engine related to health care. But, it’s not an ordinary search engine, because it does a whole lot more!

Aetna’s SmartSource search engine processes data such as gender, age, ZIP code, employer, health care plans and information from the customer’s personal health records. It then gives the customer information via a visual map regarding diseases and medical conditions, treatments for the same, costs and health care providers.

According to Meg McCabe, Aetna’s vice president of medical and eHealth products said, “Aetna is focused on becoming an in industry leader in delivering personalized health information to members.”

The SmartSource search engine uses technology that was developed by Healthline Networks, which puts together searches and connects terms for symptoms, diagnoses and treatments in one place.

The new search engine SmartSourec is currently only available to Aetna’s 35,000-odd employees. However, the company did say that it will pilot SmartSource to several large, pre-selected customers throughout this year.