LASIK is Safe LASIK procedures have been around for a while now, but the efficacy of using such techniques to correct one’s vision has been a subject matter of controversy for an equal amount of time. This New Year though, for all those who have wanted to achieve clear-cut vision but were apprehensive about the same here is some good news. A new study has now suggested that the laser-based technique is safe and effective in the long-term for patients needing at least 10 diopter (10 D) corrections to achieve 20/20 vision.

Researchers from Miguel Hernandez University in Spain and Ankara University School of Medicine in Turkey studied 118 high myopia patients 10 years after LASIK surgery.

Sixty-one per cent of the treated eyes were within 2.00 Diopters at 10 years, while only one per cent developed corneal ectasia. The retreatment rate was twenty seven per cent.

Lead investigator Jorge L. Alio said: “These results are extremely encouraging considering that this refractive correction implies the maximum limit of application of this technique. This study has allowed us to demonstrate that, in spite of the prejudices about the limits of LASIK technique, the results regarding predictability, efficacy and safety for high myopic patients are very good in the long term.”

The researcher added: “The optimum limit of predictability for this technique is around 10 D of myopia. This reference study, with a long time perspective, allows us to know the safety, precision and limits of LASIK in highly myopic eyes.”