Gadgets Nowadays, people cannot do without gadgets like a mobile phone, computer and the likes. But according to experts, too much dependence on such modern communication tools can leave you with a weakened sense of memory.

Prof Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, vice-chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) said, “People who use tools to store information on their behalf, would likely find it difficult to remember many things.”

While technology could bring about desirable effects, it could also have disastrous consequences if not used properly. There should be a campaign to teach technology users, especially youths and children to utilize technology in a proper way,” said the professor.

Razak said with the advent of internet it has become too easy to get information from the web, but nothing much is known about the authenticity of the information.

“In the world of Internet, all are seen to be the expert in their own rights; people can have their own blogs, they can embed videos from YouTube and edit information on collaborative websites such as Wikipedia.”