Exercising A team of French doctors claim that moderate to frequent exercise sessions fight several life threatening ailments such as heart disease risks, diabetes, colon cancer, respiratory disease and depression. This conclusion is based on an overview of the latest research into sport and good health.

According to the report issued by the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), adults should spend a minimum of 30 minutes in reasonable amounts of exercises, which includes brisk walking, at least five times a week; or perhaps 20 minutes of more strenuous exercises, such as jogging, three times a week. On the other hand youngsters are recommended to do twice this regime to maintain fitness.

Furthermore, Inserm advised “muscular strengthening” sessions twice a week. Adults should indulge in some stretching and balance exercises too.

Rigorous daily activities, such as climbing up stairs with shopping bags or cleaning a bathroom, can also be included in the exercise tally.

All the same, Inserm noted that the above mentioned recommended regime will only have a minor effect on obese people.