Positive Effects of Divorce

The Institute of Gerontology at King’s College London has conducted a research to defend British adult children and has proved that they don’t care less about their divorced parents. The study funded by Economic and Social Research Council.

It has been observed that, despite the fact that the parents are divorced, adult children take care of their parents’ matters related to health and chances of them being caring are more when the parents are ageing unlike other countries like the US. Researchers noted that out of the 75% of divorced parents, the chances of ill parents receiving help from their children increases by 9% every year. It was also noted that more the children the more the help received.

This study proves that the British adult children are ready to help their parents irrespective of the parent’s past and may put a helping hand forward depending on the need of the situation.

“Our research dispels the myth that modern Britain is becoming less caring. While families experience more divorce and separation, many children continue to care for parents according to their needs,” says Dr. Karen Glaser, who headed the research team.

As per the statistics recorded, the help received by parents aged 61-69 rose from 34% in 1988 to 43% in 2001-02. Two-thirds of the parents aged 70 and above receive regular help from their children.

However in comparison with Italy which is a more family oriented country, the British are more pragmatic and extend help only in situations needing attention with respect to health issues unlike Italians who take care of the elderly parents no matter what the situation is.

Following are the statistics of the kind of help the elders in Britain receive from their children:

  • Lifts in a car (44% of parents)
  • Help with the shopping (32%)
  • Decorating, gardening or house repairs (25%)
  • Providing or cooking meals (17%)
  • Dealing with personal affairs (letters, bills) (16%)
  • Washing, ironing or cleaning (11%)