DrFirst RcopiaMini on iPhone

A vendor of electronic prescribing services has made its e-prescribing system available for use on the Apple iPhone. Physicians can use the popular device to e-prescribe in real-time on a mobile browser through WiFi or a wireless carrier’s broadband connection.

DrFirst, Inc., has formatted its e-prescribing program, Rcopia, for the small screens of mobile devices to allow providers to navigate a full-featured version of Rcopia on the iPhone. The application, called RcopiaMini, provides a real-time interaction between physicians, pharmacies, and health plans. As a result, the company says there is no need for physicians to update or sync the device.

“Now physicians can quickly, safely, and securely prescribe from anywhere, through the always-on connectivity of the iPhone, or the WiFi connection of the iPod Touch,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst.

“The new web-based, mobile Rcopia experience delivers the same high levels of innovation and usability as the original Web version.”

An iPhone with RcopiaMini allows physicians to submit medication orders, renewals and formulary checking electronically. The RcopiaMini software checks for patient insurance eligibility, formulary, and patient medication history. The application also offers clinical decision support tools to check prescriptions for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions and appropriate dosing.

In addition to the iPhone and iPod Touch, DrFirst’s Rcopia software can also be used on other handheld devices. Rcopia is available in standalone versions for MS Windows Mobile for PocketPC and Palm OS, allowing physicians to create prescriptions in the absence of an always-on WiFi connectivity.