'No-salt added' range

American moms who are always worried about their family’s health needn’t worry anymore. Low sodium salsa products are being made available by Southern Delight Gourmet Foods. Families can relish on their foods without sacrificing their love for good taste.

The low on sodium Savory Apple & Honey Salsa contains only 5mg of sodium per 1 oz. serving in comparison with the ‘typical supermarket salsa’ that contains 150 mg to over 300 mg of sodium. The salsa comes devoid of salt and hence has low sodium content.

“America is facing the greatest health challenge in her history with 65 million Americans suffering from hypertension, and nearly 650,000 people dying annually due to heart disease and stroke. More Americans die each year from heart-related issues than any other reason, and consuming too much sodium is part of the problem,” according to Bart Anderson, Southern Delight founder and regional low sodium and heart healthy TV cooking personality. “American families are simply using too much salt. Children and youth are affected as well. Experts say they are seeing an increased number of children and youth with high blood pressure. And some experts warn that we are facing an explosion of new cardiovascular disease cases in young adults and adults,” he said.

“By taking the salt out of our salsa, we quite possibly now have the only no salt added product line available. Shoppers can now be assured that if they buy Southern Delight branded products, they are getting no-salt-added, and we believe that’s very important and comforting to those who want or need to reduce their sodium consumption,” he added.

High sodium intake causes hypertension leading to increased systolic blood pressure. Previous findings also suggest high sodium as a cause of stomach cancer. Anderson notes that high blood pressure is the modern epidemic and by reducing the salt content with the help of Southern Delight Gourmet Foods products, families can now reduce the sodium intake. “Our new product contains only 60 mg. of sodium for an entire jar, compared to 2000 mg. to well over 3000 mg. for many of the national brands,” says Bart.

Apart from salsa sauces, the company also produces no-salt-added barbecue sauces and marinades which come in Smoky Pecan Peppercorn, Sweet Bacon & Spice, Mint Julep, and Classic Sweet & Spicy. They also make seasoning blends including Classic Garlic and Mustard, and Basil and Oregano Italian and all their no-salt range is available at regional grocery store chains, gourmet shops and customers can also buy the same from the online store.