What to eat?

There are certain basic health problems such as headaches, acnes etc that may seem very minor to many, but can get quite unnerving and unmanageable attimes. Today we tell you the basic dietary do’s and don’ts that you can inculcate in your eating patterns to avoid the illnesses.

  • Acne:
  • 1) Cut down chocolates and sweets, highly salted snacks and extra sugars.
    2) Eat plenty of shellfish, nuts etc., for zinc and fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamin c.

  • Bad breath:
  • 1) Avoid garlic, onion, alcohol and tobacco.
    2) Cut down on sweets, chocolates, cola drinks, biscuits, cakes and gums.
    3) Drink plenty of water, eat raw vegetables and apples which will help in protecting gums.

  • Diabetes:
  • 1) Avoid oily food.
    2) Cut down weight.
    3) All salty and sweet food should be stopped.
    3) Eat meals regularly with high fiber content such as wholegrain, beans, peas and lentils.
    4) Avoid sweet fruits and sugared drinks.

  • Eczema:
  • 1) Avoid foods that exacerbate or trigger your eczema, such as milk and eggs.
    2) Avoid touching materials or foods known to cause contact dermatitis.
    3) Eat plenty of food that provide vitamin c such as citrus fruits and black currents, fruits containing beta carotene such as apricots, carrots and spinach as well as foods that give vitamin e, like sunflower oil, wholegrain and cereals.

  • Epilepsy:
  • 1) Avoid alcohol and evening prime rose oils.
    2) Take plenty of pulses to supply vitamin b6, zinc and magnesium, calcium rich dairy products, especially milk that has been fortified with vitamin d, rice, pineapple, blackberries and figs for manganese.

  • Fatigue:
  • 1) Cut down sugars, cakes, biscuits, sweets, caffeine, tea, colas, and alcohol.
    2) Eat food that is rich in folates, like dark green vegetables,

  • Fever:
  • 1) Avoid milk (except goat milk).
    2) Avoid fried, fatty foods. Eat easily digestible ones.
    3) Drink lots of water and try to eat plain khichdi with little black pepper.

  • Flatulence:
  • 1) Cut down on pulses such as peas, beans and lentils, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and artichokes.
    2) Take plenty of yoghurt, ginger, peppermint and fennel teas.

  • Fractures:
  • 1) Avoid bran products, unleavened bread and brown rice.
    2) Eat plenty of dairy products, nuts and pulses which are good sources of calcium and also oily fish for vitamin d.

  • Gallstones:
  • 1) Avoid fried and fatty foods.
    2) Reduce weight if obese
    3) Eat plenty of starchy foods, such as bread and rice, fresh fruit and vegetables, oat bran and pulses for soluble fibers.

  • Gastroenteritis:
  • 1) Avoid all foods (except the ones listed below) for 24 hours. Remain only on fruit juices; especially coconut water.
    2) Eat bananas for replacement of potassium, boiled white rice for low fibre carbohydrates, apples to cleanse the digestive system

  • Haemorrhoids:
  • 1) Avoid curries and other hot and spicy foods
    2) Cut down on refined carbohydrates
    3) Take plenty of apples. Eat beans, oats, pears, and cooked green leafy vegetables for their soluble fibre and brown rice for insoluble fiber.

  • Hair and scalp problems:
  • 1) Consume plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes and egg for beta carotene and vitamin a, vegetable oils, nuts and oily fish for essential fatty acids, fish and pumpkin seeds for zinc.

  • Headache:
  • 1) Cut down on coffee, tea, alcohol and cola drinks.
    2) Eat plenty of starchy foods to avoid low blood glucose levels. Eat avocados, nuts and seeds for vitamin e.

  • Immune system weakness:
  • 1) Avoid animal fats
    2) Have protein rich vegetarian food. Consume more of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.
    3) Eat potatoes, carrots which supply beta carotene.

  • Impotency:
  • 1) Consume lots of cardamom in tea
    2) Avoid cola, alcohols and coffee
    3) Consume food rich in zinc

  • Irritable bowel syndrome:
  • 1) Avoid bran and foods that are known to wind such as lentils, beans.
    2) Cut down on high fibre breakfast and cereals.
    3) Take plenty of yoghurt, soluble fibres and plenty of water

  • Migraine:
  • 1) Avoid chocolates, cheese, coffee and citrus fruits.
    2) Avoid onion, garlic, black grapes
    3) Avoid dates, bananas, soya sauce, figs, prunes tamarind, tea and coffee
    4) Avoid Chinese foods
    5) Avoid preserved foods as it has nitrates additives.
    6) Take plenty of starchy foods at regular intervals, ginger water and magnesium rich foods.

  • Some other tips:
  • Ginger and mustard for sinuses.
    Wholegrain, cereals to avoid constipation.
    Carrots, spinach, citrus fruits for beta carotene and vitamin c.

    By – Dr. Hiren Parekh