StethoscopeWhile most of you have heard stories of junior doctors and interns amputating patient’s leg or hand or prescribing wrong medicines and all the stories of wrong conducts. While this might scare you from getting treated form the hand’s of a junior doctor, a new research tried to find a solution to the mistakes conducted by the juniors by cutting their working hours.

The Warwick’s University of Warwick Medical School conducted a study that was represented at the NHS National Workforce Projects Working Time Directive Exhibition ‘The Final Countdown’ at the ExCeL in London by Francesco P Cappuccio, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology at the University of Warwick’s Warwick Medical School.

The researchers studied the effect of cutting the working hours (rotas) of the junior doctors on the mistakes they conducted. It was found that when the rotas of the doctors were reduced, they did pay good attention to their patients since they good have proper sleep for themselves.

However, one disadvantage of the cutting short the rotas is that the junior doctors felt that they falling short of experience by missing out on the opportunities of treating many medical cases. Moreover they even complained of delays in investigating the cases of their patients which again in not for the patient’s health indeed!