chocolate weight lossThe exuberance of this news is going to put all you chocolate paramours in a trance. Start your day in sheer bliss by enjoying delectable chocolates for breakfast. As surprising as it may sound with the whole world busy planning calorie specific diet charts, Doctor Daniela Jakubowicz is all set to prove you wrong. For 15 years, Dr Daniela’s patients have benefited from this chocolate specific diet. She told the Daily Express, “Very low carbohydrate diets are not a good method to reduce weight. They exacerbate the craving for carbohydrates.”

Referred to as the innovative ‘Big Breakfast’ weight loss plan, the diet deploys patients to enjoy 30g of chocolates while they delve on 85g of lean meat, a glass of milk, two slices of buttered whole-grain toast and finally two slices of cheese. The diet plan implies that your body must comprise of 700 worth of calories when you wake up. A hearty chocolate breakfast should constrain you from binging the whole day, thus curbing your cravings.

You can now enjoy all those delicious sweets and that too without feeling too guilty about it. So if you want to shake off those extra kilos cast away your inhibitions about chocolate and dig into your favorite sweets instead of abstaining from them.