HeadacheChanging lifestyle has a lot of new diseases and disorders to its credit. If the lifestyles changes are really major ones, then that leads to chronic headache reveals a Uniformed Services University, in Bethesda, Maryland investigation.

The headaches that healthy men and women have to go through daily are prone to get regular and severe with stress. The risk is extreme especially in adults above 40 years of age, reports the study.

However, the changing lifestyle here does not mean lifestyle with hectic work schedules and other regimens that don’t leave any time for relaxation. Instead, researchers stressed on major events in life like marriage, children and death of near and dear ones, of course along with changes in work.

Dr. Ann I. Scher and colleagues studied 206 men and women who faced 180 or more headaches every year. Also, 507 men and women with episodic headaches which means 2 to 104 headaches days per year were studied upon. Researchers investigated upon the marital and children’s status, changes in residence and aforementioned events, along with situations that were defined as the most stressful events in their life by volunteers.

The two groups were compared and it was concluded that the ones with chronic headaches face atleast 2 years before they start experiencing the headache.

The biggest contributor to these headaches is an unchanged stressful situation like that of work. The researchers have noted that a changed work status lead to less frequent headaches in the ones younger than 40 years of age. This means the ones who were facing continuous stress at work and had crossed 40 should look for a work that will not stress them.

However, researchers note that there is need of more tests that will confirm the current findings.

The study has been reported in the medical journal Cephalalgia.