Unbound Medicine and iPhone Unbound Medicine’s latest addition the Unbound Platform is now made available to the select users of Apple iPhone and iPod touch users. This application is already being used by Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices. But now even the privileged iPhone users can avail of this latest application.

Unbound Medicine is said to be the leader in knowledge management solutions for healthcare. They are believed to be the leading clinical information provider in the healthcare arena.

Brent Thompson, RN, PhD, Associate Professor at West Chester University, says that, “When I saw Nursing Central on my iPhone, the first thing I noticed was the elegant design of the application and how it makes the most of the capabilities of the device. I was extremely comfortable navigating through the software and finding the patient care information I was looking for.”

Unbound’s interface provides tables of contents from just-published journals, constant content updates and citations and abstracts from around more than 18 million medical journal articles.

Bill Detmer, MD, President of Unbound Medicine, says, “Although Unbound has supported the iPhone since it was launched, we are delighted to now support native applications delivered through iTunes. By adding the iPhone to the long list of devices supported by the Unbound Platform, we can help busy health professionals answer questions that arise during the course of patient care and also stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields.”

The position of being the first native iPhone application on Unbound Platform was inaugurated by Nursing Central. This best-selling nursing application gives its select users the freedom to receive the latest data on tests, drugs, diseases and procedures. This application has been hand-knit in such a way so that it makes full use of iPhone’s visual and navigational support. The users can also access cross-links connecting related information and even avail of personalized book-marking of their desired topics.

Nursing Central will soon be preceded by many more Unbound Medicine applications for iPhone users.