SnorePro device HBI-USA has introduced the first ever snore prevention device, the SnorePro. This biomedical device company has come to the aid of those people who have to usually sacrifice their nightly sleep because of their spouses snoring. This device is said to be capable of nudging snorers, which will in turn ensure a restful sleep to their better half.

It is estimated that in North America around 80 million people suffer from snoring. Snoring occurs mainly due to poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat, huge throat tissues and obstructed nasal airways. It is even said that snorers have a three-fold increased risk of being involved in accidents as compared to non-snorers. Due to lack of restful sleeping, snoring could lead to other potential health complications like sleep apnea, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. as well.

The SnorePro device, through its Dynamic Snore Detection technology, detects snores and triggers a programmable digital pulse in order to check snoring. This astounding digital pulse plays the role of a half-sleepy spouse by nudging the snorer. This nudge helps in tutoring the body to change its sleeping position in order to put a stop to snoring.

SnorePro has these features:

  • It is a wrist-worn device.
  • LCD screen to aid snorers to assess their snore history and to evaluate their improvement periodically.
  • It can address other probable external factors leading to increased snoring, like sleeping position, alcohol consumption or smoking.
  • Contains unique feature of adjustable threshold, in order to adjust to the snorer’s noisy ambiance.
  • 3-2-1 Training Program for users; namely, beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Beginners at this level, trigger SnorePro’s pulse after three continuous snores. The device does not get activated by lesser than three snores, which in turn tutors it’s user to get accustomed to its biofeedback training process. After this level, users can progress on to the intermediate level. Here, the device’s pulse gets activated following two continuous snores. After successfully completing the next level, users triumphantly step into the advanced level, where the device gets stimulated with a single snore. This training technique has been administered in such a way so as to efficiently train snorers.

    It is recommended that in order to achieve best results out of the device, users should progress step by step; starting from the beginner’s level and gradually progressing on to the advanced level.

    This snore prevention device is priced at $119.99. However, its introductory price for the first three months of its launch is $99.99.