Acculis MTA System Acculis Limited is believed to have proudly presented the clearance of their novel device, the Acculis MTA System. This device may seemingly be used for coagulating and destroying the surplus tissue while undergoing liver surgery.

This UK based specialist microwave ablation company has allegedly designed this device mainly for coagulations at the surface of the tissue, which seemingly releases controlled high velocity microwave energy into the affected area. This process in turn heats it up immediately and thereby destroys the cells.

David Lloyd, consultant surgeon from Leicester Royal Infirmary, says that, “During development we used the device to treat patients with multiple surface tumors quickly and decisively. There is no other high-tech device available in the market which can coagulate as quickly and as deeply as the Acculis Surface Applicator. It is extremely useful in patients with multiple tumors which are non-resectable. For example I successfully treated a patient with severe symptoms relating to more than 40 liver tumors using both this surface device and the high power needle. It is an important addition to our capability alongside the existing high power microwave needle probes.”

This innovative device is believed to be globally utilized by liver surgeons to analyze liver tumors. Through its present needle probes, microwave energy may seemingly be transported to the core of the cancer tumor. More so the device, via the same control unit is also presumed to permit surgeons to evaluate deposits present on the liver surface minus the use of needles.

Stuart McIntyre, Managing Director, Acculis and Microsulis, says that, “The Acculis MTA System is a groundbreaking system for the inter-operative coagulation of tissue. Focused and controlled high power microwave energy kills the target cells very rapidly by quickly raising their temperature while blood flowing around the outside of the target area keeps adjacent tissue cool. The simplicity of the system also allows surgeons and staff to focus on the treatment rather than on managing complex control and generator systems. We are delighted to add this new device to the range.”

This special device is believed to be available in the centres already using Acculis MTA System in both, Europe and UK. Allegedly, the device may be distributed by Microsulis Medical Limited, the sister company of Acculis.