A1CNow SELFCHECK Unit Bayer Diabetes Care proudly presents their highly awaited A1CNow SELFCHECK home testing kit. This kit is believed to assist people with diabetes to check their A1C level in the confines of their own home. This testing kit was also said to have gained approval from the U.S. FDA as well.

The A1C measurement notably gives an idea of the level of blood sugar for the past three months. In other words this measurement may reflect the care and diabetes management taken by the diabetic patient. Therefore the A1CNow SELFCHECK is believed to aid diabetic patients in monitoring their A1C levels in between their visits to healthcare providers. More so, this home testing kit is stated to provide its results merely within 5 minutes.

Steve Edelman, MD, founder and director, Taking Control of Your Diabetes, says that, “A1C testing is an important measure of long-term diabetes management, however, some patients will skip having their A1C tested because they’re worried about what their healthcare provider will say if their A1C levels are not good. A1CNow SELFCHECK is a new tool that allows people with diabetes to test their A1C level in the comfort and privacy of their own home, to get the information they need to manage their disease in-between healthcare provider visits.”

In fact it was even noted that the results derived from A1CNow SELFCHECK may be very similar to those derived from a laboratory. Maintaining a check over one’s A1C level is believed to be very crucial because even a minor fluctuation in this level could prove to be harmful.

President of Bayer Diabetes Care, Sandra Peterson, says that, “Bayer’s A1CNow SELFCHECK provides patients with a new way to partner with their healthcare providers to better achieve good blood sugar control on both a daily basis and over the long-term. This new product builds on our history of innovation, which began with Bayer’s invention of the first portable blood glucose meter 40 years ago, and represents a significant step forward in helping patients simplify life with diabetes.”

The A1CNow SELFCHECK testing kit is stated to be easily available without the need of a doctor’s prescription. Apart from its easy-to-use design, this unit seemingly also boasts of consisting of two single-use cartridges and an extra lancet. This unit when used together with Bayer’s CONTOUR or BREEZE2 blood glucose meters is believed to further aid patients in keeping their diabetes under control.