Breast Cancer Cells A latest light treatment therapy may restore the hope of the patients suffering from breast cancer. It is believed that this non-invasive treatment may have been developed to mainly target only the tumor cells. Renowned breast cancer expert Mo Keshtgar from the Royal Free Hospital, north London is believed to be the first to use this photodynamic therapy for breast cancer treatment.

As the name suggests, this form of light therapy is believed to raze down the tumor cells with the help of light. Evidently this therapy has already been put to use on patients suffering from cancers of the skin or mouth. More so, it is presumed that this form of therapy may even succeed in replacing the use of radiotherapy for some breast cancer patients.

“The key appeal of photodynamic therapy is that it attacks and destroys cancer cells while retaining the visibility of the surrounding normal cells,” says Keshtgar. “Breast cancer can be particularly traumatic, with more invasive treatments leaving physical and emotional scars. Our treatment will keep the structure of the connective tissue intact meaning the breast does not become deformed or lose shape.”

In order to evaluate the effect of this therapy on patients suffering from breast cancer, clinical trails may soon be conducted on about 20 such patients. It is further noted that patients undergoing this therapy may be provided with a photosensitizing agent or drugs in order to make the cancerous cells sensitive to light. Allegedly shining a low level laser beam on the targeted site through the skin itself may result in the self-destruction of the cancerous cells.

Presumably, the photodynamic therapy may be made available for commercial use in a time span of about 6 years, following its clinical trials.

This novel technique is believed to have been presented at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.