FiatLux Visualize Free To enable advanced visualization to any healthcare professional, FiatLux Imaging launched FiatLux Visualize Free. This software could be useful for CT and MRI medical imaging data.

FiatLux Visualize Free is claimed to be the only free advanced visualization software for CT and MRI medical imaging data that functions on almost any contemporary Windows PC/laptop/notebook/tablet counting Windows 7. The software is approved by the FDA for clinical use in the United States. FiatLux Visualize Free comes with 2D/3D visualization application. It may be useful for any healthcare professional requiring an accessible means of reformatting and screening DICOM-compatible imaging data.

Quentin Dewolf, CEO of FiatLux Imaging, commented, “There is tremendous unrealized potential in medical imaging data. CT and MRI scanners are generating huge amounts of data every day, yet the vast majority of that data is never seen outside of the radiology suite. If it were, we believe referring physicians could make better decisions, patients could gain insight into their conditions, and the expense and inconvenience of duplicate scans could be avoided. We deliver advanced visualization to any healthcare professional, not just the small number of radiologists who use expensive software on high-end workstations.”

The software could be helpful for any healthcare professional, together with specialists like surgeons and cardiologists, primary care physicians, radiologists and radiologic technologists, physician’s assistants, and clinical nurse specialists. Medical students and residents may use FiatLux Visualize for examining anatomy, recognizing pathology, and assessing cases.

Dewolf mentioned, “We are releasing a free version of our software because we believe that democratizing medical imaging data is important in the context of healthcare reform and because it is the fastest way to build a user community. We plan to add valuable features based on the input of those users. A number of features will remain free and some will be available for a fee, referred to as the “freemium” approach.”

FiatLux Visualize Free could be used for a user-friendly, 2D/3D spectator of images on CD or DVD, radiologist report confirmation, patient education, and process development.

The software can be downloaded from It can be accessed for no charge.