University Of GothenburgDid you know that gender could play a role in bringing about different reactions in dealing with asthma? A research conducted from the Sahgrenska Academy in close partnership with Sahgrenska University Hospital claimed that women suffering from asthma are apparently more apprehensive, are unable to get good sleep and are more exhausted during the day as compared to their male counterparts.

However, they are supposedly better in following their treatment properly. Even as adolescents and young adults, apparently women with asthma feel worse as opposed to their male counterparts.

Rosita Sundberg, a doctoral student at the Sahlgrenska Academy and allergy coordinator at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, commented, “Men and women with asthma differ biologically, socially, culturally and psychologically, which affects their quality of life. It’s important that we take account of this when caring for teenagers and young adults with asthma.”

In one of the researches, about 100 men and women around the age of 20 suffering from severe or moderate asthma answered a survey on how their everyday life are impacted by the ailment. Apparently women felt more deeply that they are restricted by their asthma.

Sundberg mentioned, “There are more women who cannot do the sports they want to, who are in pain and who are bothered by their illness when socialising with friends.”

“Taking your medicine is no guarantee that you will feel at your best, it’s a matter of having the right diagnosis and the right treatment,” Sunberg further remarked.

A different research examined almost 500 adults in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. They were supposedly questioned about uneasiness, dejection and dedication to treatment. In this research also women accounted for an inferior standard of life. Apparently it was seen that they felt the same as other researches. But supposedly women followed their treatment better.

Sunberg further added that other researches have shown that adult women can have a different type of asthma that is perhaps not triggered by allergies and which does not respond as well to medication.