Text Nasal Blockage Many severe asthma patients may suffer from multiple symptoms of the chronic inflammatory disease. Asthma is supposedly associated with various other co-morbid diseases like rhinitis and chronic rhino-sinusitis. Scientists have now shed light on a probable link between severe asthma and nasal symptoms.

Investigators aim to determine whether multi-symptom asthma is correlated with signs of severe asthma. Also the association between severe multi-symptom asthma and different symptoms of allergic as well as chronic rhinosinusitis was analyzed. Data on asthma symptoms, rhinitis, and chronic rhinosinusitis gathered from the 2008 West Sweden Asthma Study was thoroughly scrutinized. The analysis used OLIN and GA2LEN respiratory and allergy focused questionnaires. Multi-symptom asthma was reported by 2.1 percent of the general population. Those with multi-symptom asthma supposedly had more than twice the risk of having night-time awakenings due to asthma than those with fewer asthma symptoms.

It appeared that the prevalence of allergic rhinitis is very much alike the fewer and multi-symptom asthma groups. Experts mention that nasal blockage and rhinorrhea were dramatically heightened in those with multi-symptom asthma than those with fewer-symptom asthma. Those registered with any, or one to four symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis were probably had a significant multi- symptom asthma threat than that with fewer-symptom asthma. It was concluded that an epidemiologically identified group with multiple asthma symptoms have higher chances of showing severe asthma signs. Risk of multi-symptom asthma is probably elevated by the degree of rhinitis, presence of nasal blockage or rhinorrhea symptoms, and any or several signs of chronic rhinosinusitis.