How Wunderclip Works

Most individuals may pop in pills, potions or apply certain powders to get rid of a headache, sinus pain, neck pain and toothaches. In a major breakthrough, scientist Charles Boyer has now developed WunderClip which is a natural, safe and effective alternative to pain relief. This non-chemical alternative apparently is a combination of ancient philosophy and modern technology.

The natural option supposedly follows the rule of pressure points, wherein the application of pressure to specific areas of the body relieves pain. In order to reduce ache of soaring muscles, a reflexology massage is seemingly adopted by some people. In this massage, the aching muscles are possibly treated by applying pressure. Similarly, the WunderClip too is presumed to apply a specific pressure on a point called as LI4. This point is known to be found in the webbing between the thumb and the index finger.

The pressure point LI4 is apparently used across the globe for relieving pain. The newly introduced technology probably enables the point to be stimulated hands free, anywhere, anytime. It appears compact, unobtrusive, cost effective, and also environment friendly. Designed for getting to the point and providing relief, WunderClip allegedly is a natural alternative to pain relief.

Information about the WunderClip is already published in Share Guide, Prevention, and US Airways magazines.