Fruit Slices Individuals maintaining a healthy diet may often be dependent on fruits and vegetables to fulfill their portion of nutrients. It now seems that consumption of fruits and vegetables does not interfere with cancer risk. A latest study claims that intake of fruits and vegetables does not decline chances of developing cancer.

At the time of the study, scientists aimed to highlight a probable correlation between fruit and vegetables and the development of cancer. It appeared that only diet-related factors such as obesity and alcohol affect cancer risk. In fact tobacco is considered as the single biggest cause of cancer. The benefits of eating fruit and vegetables are known since ages, but whether it protects against cancer or no is still under covers. Cancer risk is apparently greater among overweight or obese individuals and those drinking more alcohol than the recommended daily limits.

Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, added, “Too few people know about the significant cancer risks associated with obesity and drinking too much alcohol. While stopping smoking remains the best way to cut your chances of developing cancer, the importance of keeping a healthy weight and cutting down on alcohol shouldn’t be overlooked. Keeping alcohol intake to a maximum of one small drink a day for women and two small drinks per day for men and keeping weight within the healthy limits can have an enormous impact.”

Authors were supposedly able to gauge a strong link between cancer and smoking, overweight and alcohol. It seems that overweight people develop higher levels of certain hormones than healthy individuals. Therefore, these hormones may increase threat of being diagnosed with cancer. Alcohol on the other hand, possibly produces a chemical that hampers cells, raising the risk of mouth, throat, breast, bowel and liver cancers. It was concluded that in spite of its benefits, eating fruits and vegetables does not alter cancer risk.

The study was published in the British Journal of Cancer.