Experts From Manchester The human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is known to heighten threat of developing cervix and mouth cancers. Experts from the University of Manchester recently hit upon the probable way HPV leads to cancer. The findings can seemingly shed light on novel treatments for cervical and mouth cancer.

At the time of the investigation, it was pointed out that the Cdc42 protein located in cells is responsible for various cancers and tumor spread. This protein may not be activated accurately by the HPV. It was suggested that drugs that target activation of Cdc42 can supposedly aid in treating HPV-related cancers. Present day vaccination programmes have apparently declined the rate of oral HPV infection.

It is predicted that such vaccines can also prevent HPV-related mouth cancer. The research findings may provide a detailed insight into the way this virus results in the disease. Dr. Ian Hampson and colleagues believe that analyzing medications aimed to activate Cdc42 can prevent or treat of HPV-related cancers.

The research was published in the British Journal of Cancer.