Baby Silhouette Couples who have been recently blessed with a child may most often fret over the fact that they may not be able to read the signs that their child’s body enacts. When the child cries is it hungry; has pain somewhere, has wet itself or just wants his mother?

Well we are not sure about the remaining factors, but with the help of a latest invention parents may be able to “see” if their child’s body temperature has risen. Chris Ebejer’s revolutionary invention called Babyglow is a garment which boasts of changing color when there is a rise in the baby’s temperature. This may in turn alert parents of their child’s condition and thus prevent the infant’s body from overheating.

Overheating of the child’s body is believed to possibly shut down their brain. More so, overheating is also stated to be an indication of conditions like meningitis. Therefore this unique garment may prove to be a boon to parents and their little tots, alike.

Ebejer is believed to have invested 6 years and £700,000 for creating ink pigments with heat sensitive molecules and embedding them in cotton. This innovative garment is stated to be available in colors like pink, blue and pastel green. All of these colors are believed to turn white when the child’s body temperature rises above 37 degree C. With the help of this garment, parents may find it easier to detect if their child’s body has gotten overheated and thereby prevent the occurrence of catastrophic illness.

This product is believed to be made available from October for £20 a pack.