Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor Water sports necessitate a heart rate monitor that informs swimmers when they are dehydrated, or falling short of nutrition, or not ready for training. Finis has launched the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor that will serve as an audible heart rate monitor for people engaged in swimming and other water fitness activities. The device strives to be a small workout accessory that has been supposedly built for water sports enthusiasts which takes full advantage of their fitness regime through heart rate training.

Users just need to slip the gadget inside the goggle strap, and hook the soft rubber clip to the earlobe and start swimming. An infrared sensor identifies the heart beat through the earlobe by capillary activity. The heart rate then reaches the user’s ears audibly in real time. The bone conduction technology transmits information directly to the inner ear. The device does not necessitate war buds, chest straps or watch device. Swimmers no more need to stop their activity for having a look at their heart rate.

“As a fitness or competitive swimmer you should know your maximum heart rate and train in your zone to optimize your workout. Current heart rate monitors are meant for running and dryland training, but are awkward in the water as athletes are hindered by slipping straps and delayed information on watches. Our heart rate monitor features a design that provides an audible heart rate announcement while you swim, eliminating the need to stop and calculate your heart rate or look at your watch. Because you don’t have to stop you will have a more accurate heart rate calculation and no down time, thus maximizing your workout,” commented John Mix, President of Finis.

The aforesaid heart rate monitor provides the pulse rate in real time. With the instant heart rate button, even the previous recorded rate can be heard. The gadget monitors heart rate fluctuation and drops an update if there is a change at a specific time. Users can set the monitor to announce as per their time frame like every 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and so on. Being a swimming device, all buttons ought to be waterproof. It functions on a lithium ion battery which lasts for 5 to 8 hours and higher based on the interval setting. It also gives an announcement when the battery is low. The swimming device can be charged by a USB wall charger or by the USB port of a computer.

The Finis AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor is tagged at a price of $149.99 and is available at the official site.