Alcoholic Drinks

Most alcoholic persons believe that drinking all year long and then going in for a detox in January will help maintain liver health. Coming as an advice to such persons, British Liver Trust professionals have explained why a January liver detox could be futile in medical terms.

The team urged persons to adopt a long-term outlook to liver health going in line with the national liver awareness campaign in the UK titled, ‘Love Your Liver.’ With the onset of the festive season in December, most people consume a lot of alcohol and then opt for a January detox. They believe it is a quick fix to compensate for the excess alcohol consumed.

Fran Draper, Brand Consultant for Eisberg alcohol-free wine quoted, “We all understand how important it is to maintain a healthy liver. We take responsible drinking very seriously and believe that taking two to three days off alcohol per week is a healthy, realistic prospect.”

Scientists have advised people to drink alcohol in moderation by taking a break of two to three days all through the year to achieve good liver health in the long run. The aforementioned campaign will continue all through January and provide people tips on maintaining a healthy liver.

According to Dr Mark Wright, Consultant Hepatologist at Southampton General Hospital, undergoing detox for just a month in January could be medically ineffective. It results in a fake sense of security and encourages the belief that liver abuse could be resurrected via an easy method.

The team motivates people to take long term care for a healthy liver.