Dark Chocolate

This study discloses the sweetest side of dark chocolate. In other words, scientists from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have revealed that eating dark chocolates daily could restrict strokes and heart attacks.

After analyzing a host of medical records, the team claimed that eating dark chocolate on a daily basis may prevent 15 fatal and 70 non-fatal heart disease instances. This result was cited to be applicable for a set of 10,000 individuals eating chocolates over a span of 10 years.

June Davison, (BHF) Senior Cardiac Nurse, expressed, “These findings might appeal to those of us with a sweet tooth, but don’t start ripping open that chocolate bar just yet. This study used a statistical model to predict the effect of chocolate on heart health, so it does not conclusively prove that this would translate into real benefits for people.”

Before jumping for that bar of chocolate, it is important to understand that the study does not have clear evidences suggesting the beneficial effects of chocolate. Nevertheless, the statistical model used in the trial showed how chocolates could be beneficial for heart health. There have been many recent studies talking about the benefits of flavonoid-rich chocolates.

Reported in BMJ, the findings revealed that treating oneself to chocolates is not bad, but maintaining a healthy diet in the process is crucial. Exercising regularly and living an active life could naturally ward off conditions like heart diseases, attacks and strokes, the scientists concluded.