Virgin Coconut Oil from Coconuts Once again the humble coconut is put to yet another use – it has been found to benefit the obese and diabetic people of this world. Dr Nestor Fuertes, an Australia-based Filipino doctor says the most effective weight-loss supplement had been right in front of our eyes – the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

“The difference with VCO (compared with other diet pills) is that as you take it, it basically feeds your cell immediately. The fats are instantly converted into energy, so no fats deposited in your body,” he added.

Foods taken every day, such as pork or hamburger, usually contain bad fats, which are deposited and accumulated in the body, usually in the mid-torso section.

VCO’s medium chain triglyceride is the good kind of fat, set highly apart from all the other fats found in our everyday food.

“Once we actually swallow the VCO, it immediately goes to the liver and it will be redistributed immediately into the cell. It repels attraction with fats … After it is absorbed by the cell, it is immediately converted into energy,” he explained.

Fuertes added that VCO has a thermogenic effect on the body, that slowly, but effectively, increases the body’s metabolic rate making it easier for the body to burn fats and perform better.

It is only recently that health practitioners advocate on its potential slimming effects, he said, adding that typically, an individual taking VCO regularly may lose four to six pounds in just a month.