Salad Diabetes is one of the most widespread lifestyle diseases in India. Therefore, today being World Diabetes Day, what better day than to start eating right and taking care of what you eat. After all what one eats decides their quality of life especially when one is diabetic.

According to nutritionist Dr. Shikha Sharma, people living with diabetes should eat right. Here are some smart food choices for people with Diabetes:

  • Diabetes happens when the insulin levels sink so low, that one can no longer break down the sugars in our food into useful energy. Left unused, these sugars accumulate, making one fat and often causing heart disease. The trick therefore is to eat lean foods that are easily digestible.
  • Try going veggie. Raw, green vegetables, cucumbers, green beans, brussels sprouts, garlic, oatmeal, spirulina, soybeans and tofu help regulate blood sugar, just like insulin.
  • Avoid sugary, processed foods and eat more fibre. Pick whole fruits over fruit juice and whole wheat bread over white bread.
  • If you must eat non-vegetarian fare, choose fish over meat. It’s good for your cholesterol. Try cooking food in monounsaturated oils like olive oil. Olive oil is high in calories, so use it sparingly.
  • The fatter you are, the more insulin you need. So exercise regularly, but never let your blood sugar sink too low while exercising.
  • Give up alcohol and cigarettes, minimize stress and eat three regular meals a day. Snack on an apple in the afternoon, to keep blood sugar stable