Couple British scientists have developed a hormone-free contraceptive pill for men that has the ability to make them infertile for some hours. The tablet has been developed by Nnaemeka Amobi and other researchers at King’s College, London. As of now, contraceptive pills are available only for women.

The contraceptive pill for men can be taken hours before sex and helps to prevent a man from being able to impregnate a woman. The man’s fertility will return to normal within just a few hours.

Men who want to take responsibility for contraception have a limited choice with their options, which include condoms, vasectomy or just plain simple abstinence. This new male contraceptive is more likely to be trusted by women.

Experts even believe that it could transform family planning, by allowing couples to share the responsibility for contraception, and not just putting the whole burden on the women.

In fact, John Guillebaud, who happens to be one of Britain’s leading experts on contraception, described the pill as “a brilliant discovery.” He says that the male contraceptive’s strength lies in its ability to prevent pregnancy without using hormones, which could cause side effects such as hot flushes and moodiness.