Fish Medicine for Asthma Thousands of asthmatics have lined up in Hyderabad, India to take the ”fish medicine” that the ‘Bathini Goud’ family has been administering since 1845. Patients have to swallow a live fish whole, to be cured of asthma. As bizzare as that mey sound, it is supposed to be a miracle sure for Asthma.

”We have come with the faith that my asthma will get cured,” said a patient.

Even though questions have been raised over whether there is something fishy about the fish medicine, the crowds have not reduced.

The family has, however, not been allowed to use the word ”medicine” for what believers call a ”miracle cure”.

”Cheating means to cheat someone. Here the crowds have come themselves, ask them if they are being charged without getting cured. That would be cheating. These people do not even know what cheating is,” said Harinath Goud, member of the family.

The Goud family expects at least 75,000 patients to be in Hyderabad on Saturday to get their share of the concoction packed in a fish to be swallowed live.