Aroma Theraphy versus Psoriasis According to the Hamburg-based German Psoriasis Association, people suffering from Psoriasis should consult a doctor or even an aroma therapist before using essential oils to treat the disease.

It is common knowledge that many therapies involve oils to be massaged on the skin.

The Psoriasis Association has said that this practice is important, keeping in mind practices like those of Frank Herfurth, an alternative medicine practitioner who is based in Cologne.

Herfurth’s treatment includes light therapy, and patients who receive this kind of treatment should avoid grapefruit, bergamot and angelica oils as they increase the skin’s sensitivity to light.

In extreme circumstances, this could even lead to sunburn.

The association has advised that people suffering from psoriasis should consult with an expert about the right kind of treatment. In some cases, the oil evaporates using a special lamp. However, for this too, care is required for if too much oil is used, it might do more harm than good.

Even though alternative therapies have become extremely popular in the treatment of Psoriasis, opinions still diverge on how effective aroma therapy is in fighting the disease.