Smart Bra of the Future Soon, women may get a bra that not only serves its main purpose, but one which might offer health benefits. Scientists at the University of Bolton are developing a bra that can detect if the person wearing it is suffering from breast cancer.

The experts who are currently working on the so-called smart bra say that it will be able to spot cancer before a tumor can develop and spread.

According to Professor Elias Siores, inventor of the bra, who works in the Centre for Research and Innovation at the University of Boston, also claims that the undergarment will be able to assess the effectiveness of any breast cancer treatment its wearer is undergoing.

The smart bra could emit two warnings- audible or visual or both. If the warning persists, the wearer would have to see a specialist.

The smart bra works by using a microwave antennae system, which can easily be woven into fabric. The antennae pick up any abnormal temperature changes in the breast tissue, which are linked to breast cancer cells.

Basically, conducting polymers in the fabric would transmit the signals to a small computer chip that would filter the information. Specialized software would assess the information and sound an alarm if conditions indicated the presence of cancerous cells.

Siores also said that an efficient way to use the bra would be to wear it while plugged into a power supply for a few minutes during diagnosis.

This smart undergarment is expected to be manufactured within the next two years.