Broccoli Sprouts Scientists in the US have suggested that broccoli sprouts which contain antioxidant properties may help to prevent skin cancer when applied directly to the skin.

Broccoli which closely resembles a cauliflower is already known to be a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fibre.

Now, US scientists have found it to contain a chemical called sulphoraphane that stimulates the body’s natural anti-cancer ability.

The richest source of this chemical can be found in the sprouts of broccoli.

For the study, scientists at the Johns Hopkins University smeared broccoli sprout extract on the skin of six volunteers for three days.

The volunteers were then exposed to high doses of ultraviolet radiation, which is the leading cause of skin cancer.

The researchers found that there was an average of 37% less redness and sunburn in the patches covered by broccoli extract. This finding is important because redness and sunburn are an indication of skin damage that could possibly lead to cancer.