eyes On November 16, US marshals seized around 12,600 applicator tubes of a cosmetic called Age Intervention Eyelash, which supposedly increases eyelash growth. The officials were acting on orders given by the US FDA, as this product was found to harm some users’ vision.

The Age Intervention Eyelash product was being sold and distributed by Jan Marini Skin Research, a San Jose, California-based firm.

According to the US FDA, this product is adulterated and could be potentially dangerous to certain people including those with elevated pressure inside the eye.

The FDA also confirmed that the sales value of the seized tubes worked out to around 2 million US dollars, and hence the US marshals acted on request of the FDA.

Further, the FDA wishes to notify all consumers, dermatologists and beauticians who may still have the Age Intervention Eyelash product, to discontinue using it and discard it. Consumers are required to consult health care providers if they have experienced any problems they suspect are related to the product’s use.