Pollen Allergies Scientists in Japan may just have discovered a way to stop allergic reactions like wheezing, itching and swelling after identifying a key molecule which triggers allergic reactions.

Scientists at the Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology (RIKEN) at Yokohama used specially-bred mice and found that they were resistant to stimuli normally capable of provoking severe allergic reactions.

They discovered that the STIM1 molecule and have found that when it is gone the body is no longer susceptible to allergens.

According to Tomohiro Kurosaki, group director of the Laboratory for Lymphocyte Differentiation at the RIKEN Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology, “If we can block STIM1 function, then we can block allergic reactions because STIM1 is very important for inducing allergies.

Many people are allergic to common allergens like dust and pollen. However, sensitivities vary from person to person and it is possible to be allergic to just about anything.

Recently we had also reported about how allergies to peanuts are showing up in children at younger ages these days for reasons which are still unclear. Some researchers have urged parents to postpone exposing susceptible children to peanuts until a certain age.