Green Salad If you want to keep lung cancer at bay, you should stock up on those greens, and by that we mean salads! A new study that was conducted the researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, has found that eating salads as well as gardening can significantly reduce the chances of developing lung cancer.

The study found the above to be true in the case of smokers as well non-smokers.

According to Michele R Forman, PhD, lead author of the study and professor in M D Anderson’s Department of Epidemiology, “This is the first risk prediction model to examine the effects of diet and physical activity on the possibility of developing lung cancer.

This study involved 3,800 participants where separate epidemiologic risk assessment models were developed for smokers as well as for those who have never smoked.

The study looked at the consumption of salad and gardening because according to the researchers “salad is a marker for the consumption of many vegetables and gardening is an activity in which smokers and non-smokers can participate.”

The scientists involved in this study say that they deem this finding to be exciting because not only is it applicable to everyone, but it may also have a positive impact on the 15% of non-smokers who develop lung cancer.