Energy Saving Bulb British health experts have warned that energy-saving light bulbs could in fact trigger migraines. This warning follows concerns that eco-bulbs can trigger dizziness, loss of focus and discomfort especially among people with epilepsy.

Basically, low energy light bulbs are miniature versions of the fluorescent strip lights that are commonly used in offices and sometimes in kitchens. In fact, the latest ones are about the same size as conventional bulbs with a filament, but use just a quarter of the energy.

According the Migraine Action Association, there was a growing concern about the links between the bulbs and severe headaches.

Paul Jansen of the charity said, “For some people a migraine attack can be triggered by fluorescent lights, video screens, stroboscopic effects and flashing lights; and most of the currently available low energy light bulbs are based on fluorescent light technology.”

Within the next four years, fluorescent bulbs are supposed to be become compulsory in homes in Britain. Thus, campaigners are calling upon the government to allow an opt-out for people who are suffering from health problems so that they can continue to use old-style bulbs.