Male Sex Sign According to a new study, men who are circumcised in adulthood are able to enjoy the same level of sexual satisfaction compared to men who are not.

Researchers at the Bloomberg School of Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore carried out a randomized trial of almost 4,500 Ugandan men and found that as many as 98 percent of them said their levels of sexual satisfaction remained just as enjoyable.

Co-author of the study Ronald Gray says the trial was done because previous studies showed that circumcision, which is now recommended as an efficient way to reduce HIV transmission, came up with problematic and contradictory results.

Gray mentioned they were often highly selective because there were medical indications for surgery and in most studies sample sizes were small and follow-up was short.

Some studies suggest circumcision can cut male HIV infection by up to 50% because specific cells in the foreskin may be potential targets for HIV infection, while the skin under the foreskin may become less sensitive and less likely to bleed, thus reducing the risk of infection following circumcision.

The research involved 4,456 sexually experienced Ugandan men ages 15 to 49, who did not have HIV; 2,210 were randomly chosen to receive circumcision while 2,246 had circumcision delayed for 24 months.

It was found that almost all the circumcised men reported no problems and no pain during intercourse.

The researchers say circumcision does not reduce sexual satisfaction and so there should be no reservations about using this method as a way to combat HIV.

Meanwhile, experts warn that circumcision should not replace condoms in the fight against HIV, as condoms remain the best way of preventing HIV through sexual intercourse.