Insomnia Do you feel the Monday morning blues on a weekly basis, and do you dread waking up on Mondays? Maybe it has something to do with the previous night’s sleep. According to a new study, Sunday is the worst day for a good night’s sleep.

A team of researchers in Britain carried out the study and found that almost 60% of employees have their worst night’s sleep on Sundays with restless nights, forcing one in out of four people to call in sick on Monday.

Further, disturbed sleep has also been blamed for a lack of concentration at work on Mondays in particular, increased irritability towards bosses and the odd feeling that you may dose of at any moment especially after lunch.

According to Leigh McCarron of hotel chain Travelodge who commissioned the research, “Millions of workers are stating the week tired and unmotivated.”

The study which found Sunday to offer the worst night’s sleep also found that Friday nights provide the best night’s sleep ever, with eight out of ten people getting the least disrupted night’s sleep at the end of the working week.

Shocking statistics show that around 16 million adults suffering regularly from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Most of the people blame concerns over work for keeping them awake.

The study also found that British people tend to lose an average of 51 minutes of sleep each night worrying, which is more or less equivalent to one month’s worth of sleep on an annual basis!

Finally, the researchers found that Edinburgh residents are the biggest victims of work-related insomnia, whereas workers in Norwich and Brighton get the best night’s sleep.