Pureit If water purification has been a matter of concern for you since long, then here may just be a solution for all those worries.

On Tuesday, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) announced the availability of the most advanced in-home water purification system called Pureit, in India.

Pureit claims to offer absolute protection from all water-borne diseases such as jaundice,
diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. It runs with an innovative GermKill Battery Kit which kills / removes all unsafe viruses, bacteria, parasites and pesticide impurities to give drinking water that is ‘as safe as boiled water’. With Pureit, its owners can get pure drinking water without the hassles of boiling, without needing electricity or continuous tap water supply.

Sarosh Shetty, Marketing Manager – Water Business, HUL, said, “It took us over five years to develop this breakthrough product proposition. The Pureit innovation addresses one of the biggest technological challenges of the century – that of making safe water accessible & affordable for millions. Pureit provides world class standard of safety, and in a product form that can be used anywhere, anytime & in any home. What’s more, given its extremely affordable initial price & on-going cost, safe water is now accessible to every Indian home. The Pureit proposition has already been adopted by lakhs of extremely satisfied consumers in our initial rollout markets of South India. As we rollout nationally, we hope to ensure millions in this country always stay protected with safe water.”

Yuri Jain, General Manager – Water Business, HUL stated, “80% of all diseases are water-related and unfortunately, children are the worst affected. Water-related diseases affect one out of five children across income groups, every fortnight. These diseases not only affect the health of children, but also impact their continuous growth & development. The Pureit innovation will protect millions and is a strong reflection of our commitment to Hindustan Unilever’s vision of making a real difference to the lives of Indians.”

Over 100 scientists across India and abroad have worked on the development of this water purifying system. Pureit’s performance has been tested by leading international & national medical, scientific & public health institutions; and also complies by the germkill criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is considered to be the most stringent drinking water regulatory agency in the USA.

Pureit is available in the Indian market for Rs.1800. Interested buyers can purchase Pureit, by calling the Pureit helpline at 0-9223 200 200 and request for a free home demonstration of Pureit.