Here is good news especially for active people and athletes. They will not have to rush to a dermatologist anymore to cure the damages done to their skin during rigorous training practices. The new Hand-e-Balm, a product by Gold Star Products.Inc is a new, all-in-one medication that protects the skin, stops infection and repairs damaged skin faster.

The balm that was earlier developed only for gymnasts is now made widely available in the market for ‘athletes, diabetics, amputees, cyclist, seniors, and anyone with severe skin damage’.

“Although we originally developed this formula specifically for gymnasts, Hand-e-Balm has proved to be first choice for many athletes, such as cyclists, runners, hikers, and golfers who have similar skin problems. We are therefore increasing distribution to make it more widely available,” said Herb Rankin, President of Gold Star Products.

The product has been developed essentially for treating blisters, rips and severely dried skin. Hand-e-Balm is made of lanolin and has no alcohol and other USP grade or better and FDA tested ingredients which are known to sooth pain. It promotes healing of damaged skin faster thus and also combats any skin infections. The medication had been tested by FDA for safety and effectiveness.

“It has been rewarding to discover that athletes from multiple sports are telling us that Hand-e-Balm, because of the effective way in which it relieves pain and promotes faster healing, is first choice for their often chronic skin conditions,” said Rankin.

The product can also be used as an ‘ongoing skin protection’ solution. The balm also has the effect of an anti-oxidant on the skin as it has been added with Vitamin E.

“I developed Hand-e-Balm to treat the often extreme skin problems of gymnasts and I have been very gratified to find that its highly effective formulation is successful and cost-effective in treating the difficult skin conditions of athletes in many other sports,” concludes Rankin.

Alcohol is a dehydrating agent which in reality dries the skin. However it is used in the form of many other currently available medicines used to treat skin injuries. Hand-e-balm is the best among the currently available skin medications because it comes sans alcohol.

Rigorous training practices are one of the major causes of skin injuries like blisters, friction burns and dry skin. Skin diseases like athletes foot, acne, sun poisoning, ‘jogger’s nipples’, ‘turf toe’, ‘bikini bottom’, ‘acne mechanica’ are few of the common skin diseases in athletes and active people. With out-door activities like cycling, tennis, running, mountain-climbing, etc gaining popularity as one of the health and fitness regimes, skin troubles are bound to rise. To combat such troubles keeping Hand-e-Balm handy is a must.