Man Eating Wives putting their husbands on green diets is not new, but how many of them actually sit and discuss their thoughts on healthy eating? A new study by professionals at the University of Michigan suggests that women need to talk to their better halves regarding new diets and their potential benefits.

According to the investigators, simply pushing men into following a fixed diet schedule will do no good. Apparently, such males binge on foods secretly and adopt healthier ways just on the face. Though most of us believe that women do negotiate things with their partners when it comes to eating, the professionals have a different story to tell.

“The key to married men adopting a healthier diet is for couples to discuss and negotiate the new, healthier menu changes as a team,” cited Derek Griffith, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

After eating tasteless food at home, the same men would go running to food joints to hog some more, says the team. The main objective of trying to conform to a fixed diet goes awry making people wonder, ‘The former diet plan was better.’

Adopting a healthy diet is vital to live a disease-free and healthy life. Women need to discuss things regarding new food habits with their partners rather than imposing them. This should make the males opt for healthier patterns of eating, consequently having a positive impact on their health.