Ayurveda for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis is known as yakrit vriddhi in ayurveda. Liver is the detoxifying machine, sugar storing organ of our body and performs various other important roles like that of being the controller of cholesterol metabolism, producer of bile acids and bile salts, and substances important for blood coagulation.

If the liver is damaged, or its function is deranged then it produces symptoms like indigestion, loss of appetite, gas production, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, yellowish discoloration of the skin, foul breath, distended abdominal veins. And in severe cases things like blood vomiting and accumulation of fluid in abdomen known as ascitis is seen.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Best remedy for liver cirrhosis is BHRINGARAJA. Juice of this plant is administered in doses of one teaspoonful thrice a day in case of infantile liver cirrhosis. The juice can be mixed with honey if the taste is very bitter or astringent.

KATUKI is the drug of choice in case of adults. One teaspoon of powder is mixed with equal amounts of honey and taken thrice a day. If the symptoms are very severe then the dose is doubled. This stimulates the liver to produce more bile, the excretion of which will relieve liver from congestion thereby also relieving liver pain. It also stimulates the tissue for normal functioning which was not functioning well.

An ayurvedic medicine AROGYAVARDHINI, a compound of katuki and calx copper, can be administered. It has the property of reviving the cells which have become atrophied. A 250mg tablet of this medicine is available, and two to four tablets should be given thrice during the day with a cup of warm water. TRIVARI is another drug which reduces jaundice formed as a result of cirrhosis of liver. It is available as avipattikar churna. One teaspoon twice a day should be consumed. Other drugs useful in the treatment are VASAKA, KAKAMACHI AND TRIPHALA.
Alternatively home remedies should be used. A tender bark of papal tree soaked in water overnight and consumed in the morning, increases urine flow thereby excreting bile salts and pigments. Even black seeds of papaya/papita have been found very useful, especially in case of alcoholic liver cirrhosis. A tablespoon of juice is obtained by grinding the seeds, mixed with 10 drops of fresh lime juice and given twice a day for atleast a month.

In case of jaundice, juice of bitter luffa (karvi torai) can be given after removing the pulp part from the mixer. Another home remedy is green leaves of radish, half a litre per day makes bowel thoroughly clean.

High quality of protein intake is necessary in liver disorders like cirrhosis of the liver. Raw goat milk, home made cottage cheese, almonds are the best sources of high quality proteins which are easily available. All sorts of fatty food, food with additives, and oils should be avoided. Pulses and legumes should be completely avoided. Frequent use of lemon water will protect liver cells. The patient should consume lots of fresh buttermilk in case jaundice has been developed.

If there is accumulation of fluids in the abdomen then a salt free diet is recommended. Precaution for constipation should be taken. Warm water enema can be given if necessary.

By- Dr. Hiren Parekh