Woman covering breast

We have always been fascinated by the 3-D glasses which used to be utilized while watching a 3D movie. Now the same concept of 3D glasses has a new use, of course we are not talking about the cheap plastic glasses but we are referring to the 3-D glasses used for medical reasons. The 3-D glasses will be of great help to view mammogram images.

The glasses proves to be a better way to check for breast cancer in women as the normal mammogram does not give a clear picture in cases where the breasts are too dense. And to top up the issues, women with denser breasts are more prone to Breast Cancer risks. Half of women younger than 50 and a third of women over 50 are estimated to have dense breasts.

Since Mammograms do not penetrate well in case of denser breasts, the 3-D glasses may be able to show off its features. However it’s only a Mammogram that can determine if the breasts are made up more of dense or easier-to-examine fatty tissue.

“It’s a major issue in the field now, more and more, how to address the imaging needs of women with significant breast density,” says American Cancer Society screening specialist Robert Smith. “We and women and everyone else is kind of left wondering what would be best under what circumstances.”

The new cancer testing method is yet under observation and it’s only after testing and approval that this device can make an entry in to the laboratories.