Glass of red wineRed wine has been linked to health benefits since long. Well, this time again, the drink has been linked to something that every person desires for – agelessness. While aging is the natural process that cannot be stopped, it has been discovered that red wine slows down the age-related health issues.

So, even when you have those grey strands of hair, your eyes will be twinkling bright and heart and bones will be all fit and fine. Mind you – red wine keeps you healthy even as you age, it does not result in the longevity of life.

A recent study by the researchers at the National Institute on Aging and Harvard Medical School revealed that a compound known as ‘Resveratrol’ present in the red wine is responsible for the beautiful health benefits.

The health issues, while we get old, seem to crop up because of the high cholesterol that takes a toll on our well-being overtime. So the compound resveratrol has benefits that a low-cal food will have.

The study proved that it lowered the inflammation of the heart and helped in maintaining the bone and eye health.

“I was most surprised by how broad the effects were in the mice,” said Dr David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School.

“Usually, you focus on slowing down or ameliorating one disease at a time. In this case, resveratrol influences a whole series of seemingly unrelated diseases associated with ageing.”

“We are learning a great deal about how resveratrol affects the health and survival of mammals,” said Dr Sinclair.

However, don’t try to gulp in the drink straight away. The researchers are yet to recommend it for human use. As of now the researchers are still learning more about the compound and its advantages as said by Dr. Sinclair.