Graphics on Cigarette Packets

From October 2008 onwards, graphic images depicting the ill-effects of smoking will be seen on tobacco products in the UK. This decision was based on a public vote on a NHS Web site, after which around 15 images were chosen to appear on packs.

Cigarette pack warning labels wit more prominent text and graphics of the damages of smoking could be the most effective way to change the behavior of most smokers.

Thus, from next year onwards, UK cigarette manufacturers will have to start complying with this decision.

One of the images shows a smoker having surgery with the words “Smoking clogs the arteries”, while another one shows a man with throat disease along with a slogan saying “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death.”

As of now, such graphic images are already in use in Canada. Half of the smokers in Canada say that they smoke less as a result of the disturbing images.

According to the Department of Health, 70% of adults believe that images can deter people form smoking. Besides, nearly 90% of youth say the images are effective.